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FlashPatch Lip Gels - 24 Patches/Jar

$50.00 $25.00

The Super Smooth Talker


Kiss dry lips goodbye. Quickly moisturize and soften your pout. You’re left with perfectly prepped lips, ready to make up and mouth off.

Lip Renewal FlashPatch® 5 Minute Hydrogels provide deep hydration to soften and smooth lips, leaving them perfectly prepped for makeup.

Our HydraSurge5™ Moisture System features advanced hydrogel patch technology that sends the most powerful moisturizing ingredients to your lip faster. Niacinamide, Peptides and Green Tea Extract soothe and deliver antioxidant benefits.

Say hello to lips that are ready for action.


You have every reason to pout.


Latex free and biodegradable. Ideal for all skin types.

Included: 24 Patches

Minimum Purchase:
3 unit(s)


HydraSurge5™ Moisture System:
Our proprietary delivery system combines an exclusive complex of 5 proven hydrating ingredients and our highly advanced patch technology that accelerates delivery in 5 minutes
Provides anti-aging benefits. Helps soften fine lines and wrinkles.
Green Tea Extract:
Potent anti-oxidant and soothing ingredient
Provides anti-aging benefits. Helps increase ceramide and free fatty acid levels in skin and helps prevent skin from losing water.